Emergency Glass Repairs


Glass is a fragile thing. There will be times when you need a repair in a hurry. Most of the time, the timing could not be worse. Clear Image Glass and Glazing has a 24/7 line, where you can call night or day, and we will have one of our experts out to your home or business as soon as possible.

No matter if the neighbour kids were tossing a ball around and shattered your bedroom window in the middle of winter on a Saturday afternoon. Or if your display window cracked from a person leaning too hard on it. Clear Image Glass has you covered.

If you need window glass repair or replacement, Clear Image Glass and Glazing is your local professional glazier who will promptly replace your broken window, glass door, sliding door or pane of glass.

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Commercial Glass Repairs and Replacements

Call Clear Image Glass and Glazing 24/7 whenever you need commercial glass repairs or replacements, and we’ll quickly restore your business to looking clean and professional. We guarantee same-day service for commercial properties because we know the importance of getting back to business, whether you run an office, a retail shop, a factory or a warehouse. 

Our Emergency Glazing Service will have your glass repaired or replaced on the same day wherever possible. If not, we will install temporary glass or boards to cover the hole until we can do the correct repair.

All of our products and services meet strict government standards for safety and quality. We will also conduct a complete inspection of the work done to make sure that it is of the highest quality standard work.

Time is money. We aim to have the fastest turnaround time possible while working as efficiently and distraction-free as possible so you can go about your daily business as usual.

There are other reasons to have your broken glass replaced. You were thinking about giving your property a facelift or looking at saving money on your energy bills. You could see the broken window as a blessing in disguise.

A good sign that your glass needs replacing with something better is that it’s broken. Security and protecting your business and livelihood is always a concern. Nothing puts that into focus better than looking at a broken window.

We supply a range of different glass types for your commercial property, including:

+ Scratch-resistant glass for use in high traffic areas.

+ Energy-efficient glass to reduce heating and cooling bills.

+ Decorative and frosted glass for privacy and good looks.

+ Toughened glass – four times stronger than most other glass, it’s rapidly heated and cooled, bringing the safety of automotive glass to your business.

+ Laminated glass – an extra layer of glass that protects from UV and adds soundproofing, as well as providing additional security benefits

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Residential Emergency Repairs and Replacements

At Clear Image Glass and Glazing, there is no glass repair or replacement job too big or too small for us.

There’s nothing worse than having a broken window or sliding door, letting in the outside, from the mess to the noise and being at the mercy of the elements. Your home should be a place of comfort, and having those distractions can be maddening.

Just like our emergency commercial repair service, we also offer emergency residential home repair and replacement services. And just like the commercial repair could be a blessing in disguise, your home repair or replacement could be just the thing for you.

Are you thinking about making your home more energy-efficient? Have our experts install double-glazing instead of single pane glass windows. In the long run, they will save you—no more sky-high electricity bills.

Double glazing keeps the outside noise down to a reasonable level. It is stronger, possibly helping to prevent future breaks and replacements and adding an extra layer of security to your home.  

Why You Should Look Into Double Glazing for Your House Or Business?

Double glazing your windows is environmentally friendly! It reduces the quantity of power that your home or business needs for heating and air conditioning by keeping the warm or cool air inside. This takes the strain off the electricity grid and saves you money in the process.   

Having double-glazed windows literally raises the value of your home! Potential purchasers will be more interested in your home or business since they will be investing in the comfort and convenience of glazed windows. 

Glazed windows decrease glare and UV rays from entering your home or business. You should anticipate your furniture, carpets, stock and flooring to survive considerably longer with less glare than they would without it. 

Window glazing strengthens your window panes, making them more difficult to break through while attempting to gain entrance. The glazing also makes it far more difficult to pop a window pane out of a window frame, which is another possible weakness in standard window glass. 

Combine this with soundproofing, and you’ve got yourself a home or work area that is safe from intruders and listeners.

Without the distractions of traffic, yelling neighbours, noisy pets, your house or office becomes a refuge of peace and focus. 

Conversely, glazed windows are the most effective technique to keep noises IN! This is especially crucial in corporate settings when sensitive customer information and consumer requirements are involved.

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Making an Insurance Claim

So, you’ve had a break and had the break repaired. You have insurance, but the question now is should you make a claim for your damaged property. 

There are a few things to consider before you go ahead and submit a claim to your insurance provider. The first thing you’ll need to look at is, is it worth making a claim or not. 

Insurance companies create their policies in a way that discourages their clients from bombarding them with small claims. This comes in the form of excess payments on claims; if your excess is more than the cost of the repair, it is probably not worth making a claim for it. 

Should the cost of the glass be similar to the excess, it may be worth going ahead and making a claim, but bear in mind, your policy premiums may increase. You will have to weigh the cost of the repair against how the claim will affect your policy. 

At Clear Image Glass and Glazing, we offer affordable emergency repairs that will help you keep your insurance company and, most importantly, your wallet happy.

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Emergency Services

Do you need urgent repairs to your glass shop front or windows at your home? Call Jason, and he can help you get your glass shopfront looking brand new as soon as possible. We understand these things can happen, and you need someone to sort it out fast.

Jason Llewellyn runs Clear Image Glass and Glazing. Over the past ten years, Jason has gained a lot of experience in the field through his work, which includes both residential and commercial projects. As a fully qualified glazier, he strives to provide high-quality services for his clients and takes pride in his work.

We provide 24/7 emergency glass repairs and replacement for all residential and commercial needs. Please call us at 0421 436 748  anytime to discuss your emergency glass repairs and replacement.  

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Meredith Cowley
Meredith Cowley
Used Jason’s service to repair a broken window at an Airbnb we manage. Easy to communicate with, flexible, turned up and did what he said he would do, provided advice and cleaned up after the work was completed. Great value for money. Cheers from the Custom Bnb Hosting Team.
Mark Rodman
Mark Rodman
They installed a custom glass shower enclosure in my new en suite. Competitive price and they kept me up to date with the delivery details on a frequent basis. Terrific and quick install, looks great. Can highly recommend Jason and team.