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What is Glass Glazing?

Window glazing happens in two different ways. The choice is yours as to which one you use. 

The first way to window glaze is to use a special putty called a “Glazing compound”. 

These glazing compounds are placed on the rim of the window, sealing it off where the window glass meets the window pane. This process usually happens when the glass is initially fitted to the window. 

The second way that a pane of window glass can be glazed is to have multiple panes of glass attached to one another, when they are installed. In this way, window glazing refers to the window itself. The number of panes of glass within each window frame will give you an indication of the glazing rating it receives. 

So, what we really mean is that: 

A single-glazed window is a window that will only have one, single pane of glass that is installed into a window frame. Double-glazed windows have two panes, or layers, of glass attached to one another. Triple-and-quadruple glazed glass windows will have three and four layers of glass respectively. 

And so it goes, as the panes of glass increase, so do the benefits of the glazing. 

Why should I use double glazing?

Glazing the windows of your home or commercial property is more than just an additional extra. When we glaze our windows, we are ensuring a stronger bottom line, protecting our assets and creating more comfortable home and work spaces. We design a space that is multi-functional, secure and well-maintained. 

– Energy-Efficiency

– Sound Proofing and Privacy

– Increased Security

– Longevity and Value

How Do Double Glazed Windows Work?

If your windows are single glazed, you will notice that they are cold on the inside in the winter and may even build a coating of condensation. The inside panel of double-glazed windows remains at room temperature, preventing condensation.


Two pieces of glass are separated by a gap that might vary in size in double glazing. The space between the two panes of glass can be vacuum-sealed or filled with insulating gas.


The two panes are efficient in all seasons; they prevent heat from leaving in the winter while they lock the heat out in the summer.


Almost any window style can be double glazed, including sliding, folding, and French doors. We can even make your single glazed windows double glazed.

Are glass splashbacks easy to clean?

In short, yes, they are easy to clean and maintain. Check out our tips on how to clean splashbacks.

What are glass splashbacks made of?

Glass splashbacks are created from tempered glass that has been heated to provide extra strength. Due to its toughness, this glass is more durable against heat and dirt. They can withstand more than normal glass before they break. 

Tempered glass is approximately five times stronger than normal glass. The core of tempered glass is stronger, so if it is smashed it will shatter into small, blunt fragments, whereas normal glass will shatter into shards. 

So tempered glass is not only stylish, but also a safer option. 

Can you cut a glass splashback?

Even though it is possible to cut tempered glass, we would not advise you to do so. When your saw cuts through a certain point, it causes tension between the interior and exterior of the tempered glass to immediately resolve. This leads to it shattering. 

It is best to have your glass splashback made according to your measurements so it perfectly fits where it is supposed to. 

How do you fit glass splashbacks?

A splashback can be fitted in two different ways: with screw fixings or with adhesive fixings. 

If you want to opt for screw fixings, you need to make sure that the holes are drilled prior to the glass being tempered. Avoid over-tightening screws as this may damage the glass, causing it to crack at a later stage. 

Screw fixings are easily noticeable. So if you want to camouflage them, you need to carefully position the screws. 

Adhesive fixings are a more simple fitting method. You do not need to drill any holes, and the fixings will not be visible. 

All you have to do is apply silicone-based glue to the back of your splashback and place it up against the wall until the glue dries. Make sure you support the splashback whilst it dries. 

Adhesive fixings are the preferred choice by many people, as they deliver a clean and beautiful finish.

Can you fit a glass splashback over tiles?

It is possible to overlay a tile splashback with a glass splashback. But you should keep the following aspects in mind. 

If you choose to place a glass splashback over tiles, you will be creating a splashback that is twice as thick. This means it could protrude in certain areas and restrict the amount of space you have available. This will be more visible around the sockets, which may need to be fitted again. 

Another point worth considering is that the glue on your tile splashback will carry the weight of two splashbacks. You need to ensure that your tile splashback is properly fixed to the wall. 

Do glass splashbacks work with gas burner stove tops?

Yes, glass splashbacks can be used with gas burner stove tops if there is enough space between your hot pots and the tempered glass surface. Constant hot and cold temperatures will lead to the glass cracking. Therefore, keep the distance between your glass splashback and the gas stove as wide as possible. 

How much it costs to install glass?

There’s no single answer. It depends on several things. 

Firstly, the size of your windows, you’ll need the glass sized and cut to shape. From there, we would look at how your property is laid out. Installing glass on the ground is much easier and quicker than doing it on the tenth floor—next up, it’s a question of materials, equipment and time needed to get the job done. 

Now that we know what we’re dealing with, the next thing we’ll have to talk about is window glazing. People tend to think that it is added to windows after being installed. This simply isn’t the case.

Clear Image Glass and Glazing Services

What other services do we offer?

kitchen splashbacks about clear image

New and replacements

Kitchen Splashbacks

No one wants a messy kitchen. Having Clear Image Glass install a splashback into your kitchen will go a long way to keeping it looking new. 

Splashback protect the wall behind your cooking surface from burning and becoming covered in fats and oils, but they can also add a splash of colour to one of the busiest rooms in your home.

shower screens clear image


Shower Screens

The glass used in shower screens is glazed in Grade A, toughened and laminated, safety glass. You don’t want a little slip leading to glass shards all over the bathroom. 

Standard clear glass is the perfect option for a practical yet sophisticated glass shower screen. Still, if you want something a little different or would like us to use frosted glass to preserve your modesty, Clear Glass Image will happily quote you.

about clear image glass glazing mirrors


Transform Your Room With Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, enhancing the room, visually increasing the size, and adding ambiance.

Clear Image Glass and Glazing can custom make and install mirrors to fit your requirements with the options of either polished or beveled edges.

repair 24/7 clear image glass and glazing


Repairs, Replacements and Emergency Services.

That annoying neighbour kid just kicked a ball through your window in the middle of a thunderstorm? Give us a call, and we will do our best to rush out as soon as possible. 

We provide 24/7 emergency glass repairs and replacement for all residential purposes. Please call us anytime to discuss your emergency glass repairs and replacement.

Call Clear Image Glass and Glazing 24/7 whenever you need commercial glass repairs or replacements, and we’ll quickly restore your business to looking clean and professional.  We aim for same-day service for commercial properties because we know the importance of getting back to business, whether you run an office, a retail shop, a factory or a warehouse.

We offer 24/7 call out for emergency glass repairs and replacement.

Contact Clear Image Glass & Glazing

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Meredith Cowley
Meredith Cowley
Used Jason’s service to repair a broken window at an Airbnb we manage. Easy to communicate with, flexible, turned up and did what he said he would do, provided advice and cleaned up after the work was completed. Great value for money. Cheers from the Custom Bnb Hosting Team.
Mark Rodman
Mark Rodman
They installed a custom glass shower enclosure in my new en suite. Competitive price and they kept me up to date with the delivery details on a frequent basis. Terrific and quick install, looks great. Can highly recommend Jason and team.