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Splashbacks look amazing and can be used anywhere you might use tiles as a wall cladding, but they excel as a surface in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
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Melbourne Glass Splashbacks: Creative and Custom-Made for Kitchens and Interiors

Glass splashbacks are an extremely popular modern alternative to more dated finishes to the wet areas in your home. Splashbacks look amazing and can be used anywhere you might use tiles as a wall cladding, but they excel as a surface in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Our company Clear Image Glass and Glazing services the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne as well as many other suburbs

If you have children, you’re used to mess and dirt in the kitchen, bathroom and every room in the house. Splashback feature walls and surfaces are an excellent way to child-proof your home to make it easier to clean. Not to mention, splashbacks add a flare and excitement to a space that’s otherwise plain and bland. 

At Clear Image Glass and Glazing we can custom-make splashbacks to install into any existing or new bathrooms, kitchens and laundry designs. 

splashback glass outdoor liviing space
kitchen glass splashbacks for a modern home

What is a Splashback? Can it be installed in my home?

At Clear Image Glass and Glazing toughened glass is professionally fitted, coloured and backed to interior walls or panels. The toughened glass is resilient and perfect to use in wet areas of your home. 

The Clear Image Glass and Glazing glass splashbacks are made from a non-porous and non-reactive material, perfect for high wear areas in your home. Glass is also very easy to keep clean, unlike tiles and grout – ie. perfect for surfaces children use or where cooking messes occur. 

If you’re worried that glass might limit your decorating choices, no problem!

We can offer a wide variety of colours, including metallics, to make your splashback a feature and a standout from other splashback options available in Melbourne.

What COLOUR Splashback’s do you offer?

We offer the full range of Dulux colours. Check out their website to see what you can pick from. If you want to see some samples in person, let Jason know when he comes to measure up and quote. He can bring colour samples to show you.


Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens, Kitchenettes and Laundries

The kitchen can be a calm and inspiring space but it can also be the most inconvenient room to clean. Glass splashbacks are outstanding at minimising maintenance and chores – there’s no grimy grout or chipped and stained tile. 

Clear Image Glass and Glazing can help you install a splashback to maximise your kitchen into a creative culinary space that is also hygienic and clean (and stays that way). 

splashback glass kitchen
kitchen splashback
laundry glass splashback
glass kitchen splashback


If you’re looking to create an intriguing commercial work space, consider splashbacks – turn a plain wall into a clean and professional display for a productive environment.

At Clear Image Glass and Glazing, we have the ability to supply and install high quality Splashbacks and glass panels to our commercial customers.

Our product range includes: 

Toughened Mirrors

Mirrors and reflective glass are a clever way to expand a space. The reflections trick the eye into seeing a more expansive and large interior. 

This could be an ideal way to decorate a small business space for example: Use toughened mirror splashbacks in a salon or beauty parlour. The splashback will extend the mirrors in the salon and give a clean and beautiful impression to your business. 

glass mirror splashback
mirrored glass splashback for kitchen
mirror glass splashback

Coloured Glass Feature Walls

Colour is an easy way to introduce a friendly and fun impression of a space. Coloured glass can energise a staff room or add character to a professional environment. 

Unlike painted walls, these glass feature walls will never lose their pigment or intensity. Once we’ve installed your custom splashback, there is no maintenance or fuss required to keep the space looking as impressive as the install day. 


coloured glass splashbacks
glass splashback in grey

Decorative Wall Panels

Again, asserting a company’s character through design and interiors is a clever and exciting way to decorate a commercial space. Much can be gained by investing in the beautiful and durable glass splashbacks Clear Image Glass and Glazing can create for you. 

If your company is in the corporate world and you believe design and decorating aren’t necessary for your space, think again.

Decorative walls can show an executive aesthetic and intelligent identity for your business, it can set your company apart from others. Especially in corporate and financial sectors where opinion and reputation are a valuable currency, why not maximise your space in this way?

printed glass splashbacks
printed splashback
floral printed splashback

Receptions Areas and Shop Signage

The reception area is the first impression of a business. The adage might say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, but as human beings we are incredibly judgemental. 

Therefore, a professional and marketable splashback is what can set up a vital first impression of your business to customers and investors. 

Depending on your lease with the business premises, some splashback and glass installations may be difficult to permit, but removable panels and features are a simple compromise. 

The pictures below are a great example of how a splashback can decorate and inform the space. The business name, business slogan and partial background information are quickly taken from the splashback – all without speaking to employees or reading an advertisement. 

This proves how informative and effective this feature can be to a workspace – especially if your business is open to walk-ins or outsiders, a quick and accurate impression is essential to getting business engagement. 


Lift Interiors

The interior space surrounding elevators is an opportunity to show the building’s character and commercial or residential style. 

An elevator lobby is a space where customers and staff are known to stand and wait for a couple minutes. If people are going to be lingering in this area, it makes sense to enhance the walls into something worth looking at and admiring. 

No matter the building’s purpose (from apartments to office spaces), lift interiors shouldn’t be wasted decoration spaces. 

Foyers, Lobbies and Conference Rooms

These are all transient spaces in your business, people are walking through or leaving them after a time. But the time spent in them can be made so much more enjoyable. 

Open up a conference space with clear glass walls and clean splashback walls. A walk-way can appear more open and less structured with light colourings and shiny reflections. Or a small splashback can split an area and give the eye something to look at or move through. 

Picking your Next Shower Screen

Clear Image Glass and Glazing is passionate about finding the best possible shower screen for your bathroom, giving it a new face and a fresh feel. 

Give us a call, or come visit our showroom, and let one of our trained professionals help you make the best choice of shower screen that you can. 

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Meredith Cowley
Meredith Cowley
Used Jason’s service to repair a broken window at an Airbnb we manage. Easy to communicate with, flexible, turned up and did what he said he would do, provided advice and cleaned up after the work was completed. Great value for money. Cheers from the Custom Bnb Hosting Team.
Mark Rodman
Mark Rodman
They installed a custom glass shower enclosure in my new en suite. Competitive price and they kept me up to date with the delivery details on a frequent basis. Terrific and quick install, looks great. Can highly recommend Jason and team.