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At Clear Image Glass and Glazing we can custom-design your shower screen to perfectly fit within your bathroom space
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Servicing shower screen to the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside & Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs

Whether it’s a new build, renovation or replacement of a broken shower screen Clear Image Glass and Glazing can assist. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Supply and Install

We provide and install all types of showers including frameless, semi-frameless, semi-framed, pivot, to sliding. We have various styles and designs that fit your every budget. We can also customise and ‘cut to size’ frames as per your request. We service the Mornington Peninsula and many other suburbs. Call us for a free estimate, measure and quote.

Types of Shower Screens: 

Where do we even start with shower screens? 

“The one with the spinny door that kinda opens sideways” is a good start, but we thought we’d take a minute and discuss the types of Shower Screens available for your to choose at Clear Image Glass and Glazing. 

Each Shower Screen has value in its own right and should be considered based on its own merits. Your available space, potential frequency of use, and budget are all important considerations to think about when choosing a shower screen that fits well into your lifestyle. 

But, don’t think of these as constraints or limiting factors. These considerations streamline your decisions, making it easier for you to find the perfect shower screen. Clear Image Glass and Glazing has what you need to make your next shower screen purchase your best one yet. 

showerscreen enclosed with door
walk in shower
shower black trim
shower screen with gold handle
shower screen black frame
shower screen chrome fittings
wall to celing shower screen
large glass shower screen
shower screen with black sides


A frameless shower screen is a modern, sleek and evocative choice in your bathroom. They give the illusion of greater space due to their frameless design, and their minimalistic stylings make them a great choice for a modern, although perhaps confined bathroom. 

Minimal hardware is aesthetically appealing, but may make these frameless designs a little less sturdy than their framed counterparts, and may not be the choice for the main family bathroom that sees a large amount of traffic.  

However, they are a statement shower screen and will work perfectly in hospitality settings. 



The family workhorse. 

A fully framed shower screen is all your busy family needs to shower in safety and comfort. The sturdy frames, made of aluminum or otherwise, provide a full enclosure, making sure no water will be leaking onto the floor. And, a framed shower screen design is very difficult to break, increasing the longevity and safety of your shower, and preventing unnecessary drama in your daily life. 

Framed shower screens are far easier to install and manage than their frameless counterparts, making them an obvious choice for the budget-conscious. These frames also create a distinctive appearance in your shower, which is great if your aesthetics mean you want to have your shower as the centerpiece of your bathroom. 

There are plenty of framed designs at Clear Image Glass and Glazing for you to choose from, giving you all the options you need to make your perfect purchase. 


The go-between. 

If you are looking for a hardy but sleek shower screen to compliment your bathroom, you might want to consider a semi-frameless shower screen design. 

Their name gives an indication of what you can expect. Semi-frameless shower screens are framed shower screens, but these frames are designed to be as minimal, sleek, and subtle as possible. 

You can expect the durability of a framed shower screen, with the capacity to take the beatings of a busy family. But, these semi-frameless designs offer up the same sleek stylish minimalism of a fully frameless shower screen. 

Pivot Doors: 

Bring on that traditional charm. 

Pivot Door shower screens are the shower screens you have grown to know and love throughout your life. They have been a feature of most showers you have ever used, an industry standard, and a trusted old-faithful. 

But, don’t let this discourage you from installing a Pivot Door into your modern bathroom. Pivot Doors can be installed into frameless, framed, or semi-framed designs, and a no-hassle shower screen option, with very few failure points. There’s a reason they’ve been at the forefront of all our showering experiences, they do a great job at it!

Pivot Door shower screen designs are best suited to more spacious bathrooms, with enough space to allow the Pivot Door to open and close without knocking into anything, or impeding free movement through the space. 

Sliding Doors: 

Stylish space savers.

Sliding Doors are a modern fix to an age-old problem, creating space in a small bathroom. A Sliding Door is designed not to open outwards or inwards, but instead to slide along itself using a rail. This design gives you ample walking space inside your bathroom, while still being stylish and aesthetically pleasing. 

There are different styles of Sliding Doors that you can choose from, and the team at Clear Image Glass and Glazing will gladly guide you in choosing the style that will best suit your space.

shower screen glass door
glass shower screen

What to Consider when Picking a Shower Screen: 

Now that you know the styles that Clear Image Glass and Glazing have to offer you for your dream bathroom, we should take a second to think about which of these incredible Shower Screens will be right for your space. 

When you’re looking for the perfect match for your perfect bathroom, you need to ask yourself a few hard questions first, to make sure you’re getting the shower screen you truly need, as well as the shower screen you actually want. 

How Often will My Shower be used, and who will be using it?

A main bathroom shower screen will need to sit on strong pivots or sliders to make sure that it can handle the daily abuse and manhandling that comes with multiple showers. Having frames to your showers will make it harder to break, but will also create a chunkier and boxier shower image to its frameless counterpart. 

You might also want to consider whether or not your shower screen should be clear or opaque. If this is the only bathroom in the house, and you’re likely to have someone walk in on you mid-wash to take a leak, having a clear glass shower screen will not give you the privacy you need to enjoy your privacy in a more public space. 

How big is my bathroom?  

The positioning and type of shower screen you use can make or break the space you have in your bathroom. You don’t need to have tons of space either, to have a spacious bathroom, you just need to know how to style it well. 

Frameless shower screens will give the illusion of unlimited space because there will be no hard frames breaking the eye’s gaze as it scans the bathroom. Sliding shower screens will also be very helpful in generating more space. They do not move outwards at all, and therefore keep all space that is not for the shower free for you to move around in. 

If you have a very tight bathroom, it might even be worth experimenting with different shaped shower screens, to maximise the space you do have available to you. 

How much money can I spend? 

Ah yes, the question that’s on everyone’s mind, whether they want it to be or not, how much money am I willing to spend on my dream shower screen? 

The fact of the matter is though, that you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees for a high-quality shower screen that you love. Sacrificing quality and style for affordability is not something that Clear Image Glass and Glazing will let you do. Our team of highly trained designers and installers will do their utmost to give you the styles you want, with the budget that you have available to you. 

Picking your Next Shower Screen

Clear Image Glass and Glazing is passionate about finding the best possible shower screen for your bathroom, giving it a new face and a fresh feel. 

Give us a call, or come visit our showroom, and let one of our trained professionals help you make the best choice of shower screen that you can. 

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Meredith Cowley
Meredith Cowley
Used Jason’s service to repair a broken window at an Airbnb we manage. Easy to communicate with, flexible, turned up and did what he said he would do, provided advice and cleaned up after the work was completed. Great value for money. Cheers from the Custom Bnb Hosting Team.
Mark Rodman
Mark Rodman
They installed a custom glass shower enclosure in my new en suite. Competitive price and they kept me up to date with the delivery details on a frequent basis. Terrific and quick install, looks great. Can highly recommend Jason and team.